Cruise Ship Day Trips from Takoradi Port

These five (5) tour packages are designed for guests on cruise ships berthing at the Takoradi Port in the Western Region of Ghana. We show you more of Ghana in a day!

  • Elmina and Cape Coast Castles plus Guided Elmina Walking Tour ( From $85/pax).
  • Elmina Castle and Kakum National Park Tour ( From $90/pax).Cape Coast Castle and Kakum National Park (From $90/pax).
  • Sekondi – Takoradi City Tour by Bus and Takoradi Market Circle Walking Tour (From $70/pax).
  • Village on Stilts / Nzuleso ( From $95/pax).


Traditional Naming Ceremony (From $15/pax)

Participate in an authentic ceremony to acquire African traditional name, learn the meaning and significance of the name in African belief systems.  Observe all the necessary traditional rituals that come with naming and re-unite with your African family.


Posuban Journey (From $50/pax)

AsafoPosubans are commonly found in coastal Fanti communities in Ghana. Most of these posts have surreal images and baffles the outsider who does not know the message that the group is communicating with the symbols. The Posts which were the rallying points of the Asafo have transformed over the years. In the past it used to be a very simple post.

This new product on Posuban offers a rare opportunity to learn in detail about AsafoPosuban. Posuban is derived from the English term “Post” and Vernacular (Akan) term “Ban”. “Ban’ also means post. Literally, Posuban means “Post –Post”. On this experience, you sample several Posuban in locations including Mankessim, Abakrampa, Anomabo, Cape Coast and Elmina. This is a special educational experience for anthropologists, sociologist, and all. (Please Note:Give at least 48 hours’ notice in advance).


Asafo Flags ( from $20/pax)

This is a 2-hour cultural interaction with the Asafo in Elmina. The focus of the experience is the traditional warrior companies (Asafo). Visit selected decorated posuban of the Asafo, understand and appreciate the significance of their symbols. Interact with an elder of one of the companies and know the meanings of several Asafo flags.


African Cosmology (From $30/pax)

Visit an Akan shrine and interact with the Priest/Priestess in charge. Learn about traditional herbal healing, the different deities and their functions in the community and Universe. Experience a full session of traditional worship and the accompanying drumming and trance dancing.



Festivals are available in Ghana throughout the year. Depending on which time of the year that you would like to visit and the number of days you would like to spend, we can customize your itinerary with a blend of other activities. Find below list of a few popular festivals.

  • Edina Bronya (Elmina Christmas) – January
  • Edina Bakatue (Opening of the BenyaLagon)– July
  • Akwasidae (2019) – June 2, July 14, August 25, October 6, November 17, December 29.
  • Homowo (Hooting at Hunger) – August
  • Dipo (Puberty Rites for Krobo Girls)


Guided Lagoon & Ocean Cruise (From $25)

  • Lagoon Tour – Experience a boat cruise on the Elmina Benya Lagoon for half an hour. Learn about the history of the local fishing community, interact with local fishermen and enjoy scenic panoramic views of the lagoon and colourful boats with their flags.
  • Ocean Cruise – This experience comes with a real feel of the Atlantic Ocean on a pleasure boat for thirty minutes. On this cruise you also sail through the slave ship landing site and see the Elmina Castle from the ocean.

Please Note: We can work with you and tailor itinerary to suit your interests and days available for your travel.