West Coast Destination

The West Coast Destination showcases varied attractions from pristine beaches to forests, and eco-communities. Choose where you want to visit and we will customize your itinerary.

Nzulezo, Village on Stilts

Nzulezo is a village built entirely on stilts on Lake Amansuri, in the heart of the Amansuri Wetland. It is constructed out of wood and raffia with one central walkway with houses on either side. The population is estimated at 500 inhabitants. You can reach this community on water by riding in a canoe that is paddled or motorized


Explore the history of the settlement and the people of Axim; a major port for the export of timber products and gold. It, however, lost its glamour when the Takoradi and later Tema harbours were constructed. Ride the waves, and tour the Lighthouse, and the Ancient Fort San Antonio built by the Portuguese in 1515, the second oldest fortress after Elmina Castle.


Tour Akwidaa fishing village, visit the village schools, and pay a courtesy call on the Chief at the palace. Cruise through mangroves on the Ezile River and reach Cape Three Points by sea in a motorized dugout canoe.


Ankasa Conservation Area, the only wet evergreen protected area in almost unspoiled state. It has an area of 509km square, with a Bamboo Cathedral. Over 800 plant species, and over 200 species of birds can be found here.


Familiarize with the unique interplay of River Butre, Mambowodindo Lagoon and the sea. Enjoy the view and history of the town and some myths about rock formations on the beach. Experience a relaxing yet exciting canoe ride on the Butre lagoon.  The mangrove forest flanking both sides of the lagoon is home to many wildlife speciesincluding; crabs and birds. The pied Kingfisher is easy to spot in the mangroves.

Princess Town

Princess Town is one of the fringe communities of Cape Three Points Forest Reserve. Take a guided tour of Fort Gross Friedrichsburg, and learn about the Brandenburgers’ involvement in the trade along the west coast. You will hear the legend of the ‘Black Prussian’ John Connie(also known as Jon Conny), a local merchant-chief who defended the fort against the Dutch and the British. Enjoy the forts unique Germanic exposed stone architecture.

Cape Three Points

Take a short trip on the steep path to the rocky beach. Climb to the top of the Lighthouse and take a view of nature’s beauty, with large expanse of lush green forest terminated abruptly by the sandy beach and sea.Feel the excitement of hiking on the peninsula, at the southernmost point of Ghana.Immerse yourself in the local culture and learn more about the history and culture of the local people.


At Busua, take a trek to Butre, explore the landscape and enjoy a sea trip to Abokwa Island.