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At we understand diverse cultures and immerse ourselves in yours, so we understand you and know how to engage you best and make your holiday an exceptional one, whose memories keep lingering long after you have left the shores of Ghana and West Africa. A blend of Ghanaian culture and service with warmth…….…Guaranteed! take you on a journey of discovery, venturing to remote seldom visited locations immersing you in the diverse cultures you encounter whilst minimising our negative impact on the environment.

African Diaspora Tours

These tour packages focus on; Panafest and Emancipation Day Celebrations, Black History Month, Juneteenth, a ‘Beyond the Return’ program like December In Ghana.

walking tour cape coast

Guided Walking Tours

Until recently, guests visiting the Elmina Castle went away without seeing Elmina Township and her people, to increase their knowledge and understanding of Elmina’s place in world history.


Takoradi Port Shore Excursions

Our cruise ship packages are designed for guests on cruise ships berthing at the Takoradi Port in the Western Region of Ghana. We show you more of Ghana in a day!