Aburi Botanical Gardens

 This delicate and beautifully-crafted botanical garden is nestled in the foothills of the Akwapim range. Guests of more romantic leanings will be amazed by the multiplicity of the garden’s flora shapes, fragrances and colors.


Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

Boabeng-Fiema is a village which prides over the safest haven for monkeys in Ghana. This is why it is a sanctuary. The Mona and Colobus monkeys though in the wild can be seen in their numbers any time of the day walking among the people in the village



From Ada Foah to Beyin lie many pristine beaches, abundantly fringed with coconut trees. Enjoy the soft, warm sand and waves rolling from the Gulf of Guinea. Ghana’s beaches provide abundant sunshine, sand and unequalled privacy serving as an escape from the stresses and pressures of city life.


Kakum National Park

The Kakum National Park in the Central Region harbours a diversity of wildlife; bird species, a variety of butterflies and plants. Though the wildlife is not readily visible, the park is an initiative to conserve biodiversity. Its most popular attraction is Africa’s first Canopy Walkway.


Lake Volta

The world’s largest man-made lake is in Ghana. A cruise on the lake unveils the beautiful surrounding panorama.


Lake Bosumtwi

This majestic Lake is a world scientific museum lying in a crater of 18kilometers in diameter and about 100 meters deep.


Mole National Park

Ghana’s Mole National Park offers the best game-viewing in West Africa. This is where to enjoy the finest quality elephant viewing-experience. A striking feature here is the peaceful and harmonious co-existence between wildlife and man.


Nzuleso Stilt Village & Meandah Trail

Nzulezo is a village built entirely on stilts on Lake Amansuri in the Western Region. Constructed out of wood and raffia with one central walkway, one travels 5km on the lake in a local dugout canoe to get there. Close to Nzulezo is Meandah Crocodile pond.


We carefully select and work with environmentally friendly beach hotels and green or natural lodges to suit your taste.

Axim Beach Resort

Planted on a rocky promontory to the southeast of Axim , this well established resort overlooks a pristine expanse of sandy palm-fringed beach.


Escape3 Point

​Located immediately east of Cape 3 points on an absolutely stunning beach hemmed in by two rivers and a backdrop of lush forest, this idyllic new eco-lodge is truly the stuff of tropical island fantasies.


Akwidaa Inn

With an enticingly isolated location, this quiet new beachfront lodge offers pleasant accommodation.


Stumble Inn

This popular backpacker orientated resort offers the winning combination of a superb beachfront location, chilled atmosphere, tasty food in the beach bar and restaurant.


The eco-groups provide authentic traditional entertainment through drumming and dancing, story-telling and traditional games for guests. Through these activities members of our rural communities generate income and reduce their overdependence on the forest and other natural resources for their livelihood.


Kukyekukyeku Bamboo Orchestra

The Kukyekukyeku group from Mesomagor has all their instruments made from bamboo, and has been featured on BBC and in Conde Naste Traveller.  Second to none in bamboo orchestration, the group uses bamboo instruments to produce a melody of sounds for traditional dances.


Cape Deaf Cultural Troupe

This incredibly amazing group made up of deaf and dumb students and their teacher are a delight to watch.


Akomapa Cultural Troupe

This cultural troupe based in Elmina put up performances in African drumming and dancing. They sell drums and train those interested in learning African drumming and dances.